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Angie Thurston

More and more of us are alone in our spiritual lives, and Angie wants to help reverse that trend. Angie is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sacred Design Lab, a nonprofit devoted to advancing spiritual innovation. Angie was a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School from 2016-21 and is currently an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School where she recently piloted an initiative to support spiritual deepening for Harvard graduate students as part of the Spiritual Lives of Leaders course. Angie’s most consistent personal practice is to take time every day to go inward and spend time with Spirit. She is also an avid student of the Urantia Book and an active participant in the community of Urantia Book readers. Angie is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Divinity School. Angie lives in Falls Church, VA with husband Vipin Thekk and 2-year-old son Orion.

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