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Dori Grinenko Baker, MDiv, PhD

Dori Grinenko Baker calls herself a Spy for Hope. She is a writer, facilitator, and thought-leader who is passionate about helping people find meaning and live into their purpose. She does this by creating experiences for groups to engage wholeheartedly in practices of radical hospitality. Dori creates spaces that honor transformation from patriarchal and white supremacist norms into more liberatory realities that welcome the flourishing of all people. Her facilitation and coaching focus on practices of holy listening and theological reflection that help communities invite joyful encounters, especially in the midst of conflict and disruption. Dori is an ordained UMC elder, author of five books, and host of the podcast LIVE to Tell. Her most recent book, Girl/Friend Theology: Doing God-talk with Young People, is used in seminary classrooms across the US. Her co-authored book Another Way Living and Leading Change on Purpose, is an innovative guide for decolonizing leadership practices. Dori and her husband Lincoln enjoy time with their two young adult daughters.

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